Pachmarhi – The Heart of India

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Pachmarhi – The Heart of India

A breathtaking hill station situated in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Famously marked as Satpura ki Rani Pachmarhi is beautifully located at a height of around 1100 meters in a valley of the vast Satpura Ranges in a district named Hoshangabad. The highest point in Madhya Pradesh called Dhupgarh and the popular Satpura Range is situated here and is a convenient part of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve.

Pachmarhi town is a small place which is a center of Army's Education Core. Hence, be prepared to witness some perfect battalions at practice or early morning marches to leave you in admiration. 

An airstrip is located nearby Dhupgarh which is overrun with lush green grass and is seldom used. Wild animals including tigers have quite often been sighted near this airstrip. Near the Pachmarhi Cantonment edges, panther sightings are extremely common

Pachmarhi is a famous tourist destination and has been this way since past many years. This awesome place is visited by tourists all throughout the year. There are several hotels as well as a few cottages and resorts from which you can pick one as per your desire.

Getting to the tourist places Pachmarhi offers a lot of cave paintings and art pieces which are estimated to be more than 10,000 years old. The popular Pandava Caves is one such region to experience such artistic work. These caves are Buddhist in origin and are rich in timber reserves including teak. The place stays jam packed with lush green trees as the felling of the trees or construction is not permitted in the region. Such a rich place for flora and fauna, Pachmarhi stays to be one of the perfect picks for the newly weds for a peaceful and relaxed vacation as a Honeymoon. 

Pachmarhi offers numerous breathtaking scenic views, waterfalls, streams with crystal clear water, and rare wildlife. The list of the water fall destinations include Rajat Prapat waterfalls, Bee falls, Duchess falls, Little falls, Apsara Falls (fairy pool) etc. Jatashankar is a stalagmite filled huge cave present in a deep ravine that you can visit on your trip. The Pachmarhi Hill offers a view of the whole city of Pachmarhi City and its breathtaking in a real sense. You can visit Rajendra Giri offering beautiful gardens with extraordinary scenery all around.

This mid point of India is one peaceful place for a couple to relax post the tiring wedding ceremonies. Moreover, the place has an unending list of tourist destinations that might take you a few days to well explore this beauty of India!

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