Travel and Escape from Reality

Travelling is one of the hobbies we commonly share, its basically a break from our daily schedules that are filled with continuous hours work and we just need a break of all the tiring work we do the best way to get refreshed and have fun at the same time. How many days would you sit before your desks and perform tasks or works, having a ‘me’ time is also equally important for an individual to keep themselves fit and active to do the work as well. Taking time for yourself, going on adventure trips, will make your mind and body relaxed and help you to concentrate more on the things that you have to work on.

Travelling to the places that will give you peace of mind is the best way to start your trip. The best place you can visit for having the peace of mind is the forests. Our India is one of the megadiverse countries in the world with incredibly rich wildlife and sanctuaries in all parts of our country, we are very fortunate to be a part of this diverse culture. As being a part of incredible India we should pay visits to the places that are rich in its own kind. In our country there are 103 national parks, 537 wildlife sanctuaries all over, and out of these  37 national parks and 137 wildlife sanctuaries are located on the eastern side of India.

Flaura and fauna are in abundance in the northeast side of India, it has the famous Royal Bengal Tiger and One Horned Rhinoceros with 850 species of birds which include white-winged wood duck,fire-tailed myzorins, hornbills, Bengal florican and Temminck tragopan making the region one of the most biodiverse places in India. Love for tigers was always a part of our culture that has been passing on several years now starting from the rajas who used to take up as a sport to kill the tigers are get their prestige with that to the days where people are saving the tigers by providing various kinds of facilities just in order to keep the national animal that is tiger to carry forward its species.

India covers about 70% of the tigers that are located in this country. As the records show in the year 2006 there were 1411 tigers which have increased to 1706 in the year 2011, 2226 in the year 2014, 3891 in 2016 with this change in the increase of tigers we can say that India is taking a proper initiative to save species. One glimpse of a tiger life will make anyone crazy as the power of our national animal is that.

While traveling you will be able to discover many things that you never knew they even existed at a point in time. Experiences that you would get by traveling is one of the best feelings, it is the best way to esca[e from the reality and helps you to transform completely into someone who is free from worries and problems. Sometimes taking a break and visiting places can get you the solution to your problems. So I can conclude saying that try visiting places, try traveling and I can assure you that, this experience could be one of the best experiences in your lives.

BBA Second Year, Bhavan's



  By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
Twitter: @sowmya_12


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