Organizations Providing Aid to women in Aviation

Organizations Providing Aid to women in  Aviation 
Since the advent of the lighter-than-air travel, women were engaged in aviation, and as aircraft, helicopters and space flight were developed. Women pilots have also been called "aviatrixes". Women have been flying powered aircraft since 1908; but, prior to 1970, most were limited to operate in the aviation industry either privately or in supporting positions. Over the years, the participation of women in the aviation industry has increased.
There are various aviation organizations worldwide which support women. These organizations are dedicated to the advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests, with the aim to raise awareness and provide various career opportunities for the same.

British Women Pilots Association (BWPA) is one
of these organizations, it inspires and supports females. A non-profit making association run by volunteers who are committed to our aims of promoting and supporting women in aviation. This organisation was established in 1955, ten years after World War II Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) women pilots were honored for their services to their country. The BWPA works in all fields of aviation and all forms of flight, including fixed wing, rotary, gliding, microlights, ballooning. The goals of the BWPA are to encourage women in aviation training and jobs and to promote practical schemes to assist women in securing air licences, increase awareness and young people's ambitions about the prospect of aviation as a profession, serve as women's advisors on the appropriate qualifications required and the aviation opportunities available to women, promote and encourage collaboration between members of the Association and to enable women in aviation to meet, exchange knowledge and to express the collective opinion of its members, act as a promoters of news, developments and articles which may assist the development of interest in aviation among women.

Women in Aviation International (WAI) is another group that encourages women in the aviation industry to pursue their career ambitions, working to promote women in the aviation industry. WAI originated in 1990 and was officially established as a non-profit organization in 1994. At WAI, they aim to promote, inspire and teach all those whose lives and jobs require aviation and aerospace irrespective of gender identity, color, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental capacity, nationality or perspective.

The Australian Women Pilot Association (AWPA) is a volunteering organisation founded by Nancy
Bird Walton, AO, OBE (16 Oct 1915 –13 January 2009), a pioneering Australian  aviatrix. Activities of AWPA involves promotion of women’s involvement in aviation from aero clubs to airlines through national committee of the organisation. The state and regional groups of the organisation are involved in organizing meetings, fly-ins, seminars and social events so as to provide people to interact with the members having similar interests and also experience other forms of aviation. This organisation also conducts annual conference which includes educational sessions, networking of flying competition and presentation of awards and scholarships.    

International society of women Airline Pilots (ISA) 
is another non-profit organisation made up of volunteers, established in 1994. ISA is the world's biggest single donor to women's advanced flight scholarships, granting at least two aircraft type ratings and thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants to eligible females annually. With career support and mentoring, ISA supports the active and aspiring airline pilots. It publishes an electronic newsletter (members only) three or more times a year also conduct a conference annually at various locations across the globe with the aim to give greater exposure, recognition and understanding of woman airline pilots for the general public.
There are various magazines and news outlets which appreciate and share the experiences of the women engaged in aviation field so as to encourage the other women to achieve their goal in the fields of aviation.

In 1993, Aviatrix Publishing, Inc. founded Woman Pilot Magazine with the objective of highlighting women's achievements in all facets of aviation. They have published hundreds of articles featuring women aviators since 1993. Woman Pilot Magazine is now an international news outlet that portrays the successes, lives and experiences of women participating in aviation and is currently only available on the internet.

Women in Aviation Resource Center (WIARC), is
an online repository of educational, historical, and networking resources for women interested in all aspects of aviation. It was launched by Henry M. Holden, an aviation historian and author. He has done an exceptional job as an author, written over 1000 magazine and newspaper articles. He was awarded the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame Distinguished Service Award. He is also a former News Editor East for Airport Journals and was a monthly contributor.    


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